Actor Martin Sacks, shot at coventry studios, South Melbourne, 2010
Rima Te Wiata Actor Headshot
Studio portrait of Author Mark Brandi
Aria Taylor
Luke Arnold
Daria Varlamova
Dean Zepherin Music Producer studio Portrait
Bertie Blackman
Anna O'Byrne
Portrait photo of Paul Macphail from Beloka Kelpies
Kate Jenkinson
Gavin Wanganeen AFL legend headshot
Carla Bonner
Samuel Johnson
Fashion portrait of Actress Lauren Esposito
author portrait


Actor Headshots  

Hello! My name is Julian Dolman and I am a professional portrait and headshot photographer. Based in Melbourne, Australia. I specialise in actor headshots, author portraits, personal branding photoshoots and with over 20 years experience my photography style is well honed and I can capture shoots either in my studio and also on location using natural light. 


Landscape Photography

The “Places” portfolio combine some previous commissions/personal projects and travels. I am mostly drawn to a dystopian landscape type of vibe and it’s just fun to get out of the studio and look for light while things are new to the eyes.


Bakersfield, California.

I took this pic while on some travels through America in 2018. We had just seen True West a few weeks prior in New York so to actually drive through a place that was referenced in such a famous work was a bit surreal. This was early morning driving out of town and taken on film with a Zeiss Ikon which I sadly traded in a few weeks later.

Bakersfield, California 2019. Shot on Fujifilm X100T