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Rima Te Wiata Actor Headshot
Damien Walsh Howling
Sam Allen Actor Headshot
Mark Vecchio Actor Headshot
Chloe Brown Actor Headshot
Luke Arnold
Greg Pandelides Actor Headshot
Rain Fuller Actor Headshot
Rahart Adams
Karen Ireson Actor Headshot
Tayla Bozelle
Lucinda Armstrong Hall
actor head shot
Mikayla Greer Actor Headshot
Taylor Bordonaro headshot
Charlotte Batty Actor Headshots
Annabel Condon Actor Headshot
Cat Pahljina Actor Headshot
Greg Parker actor headshot
Bryony Carter Actor Headshot
Alexander Arco actor headshot
Texas Watterson teen headshot
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Akasha Collins actor headshot
Charles Russell actor headshot
Actor Headshot
Angelica Angwin
Anthony Winnick Actor headshot
Bri Bishop
Alanah Parkin actor headshot
Actor headshot
Erica Brown - Actor Headshot - Headshot Photographer
Brooke Haebich - Actor Headshot - Julian Dolman
Actor Headshot

It seems hard to believe I could say that I have been photographing Actor Headshots for nearly 20 years! I really believe there is an art to it and over the years I have enjoyed exploring the genre.

I work with all type’s of Actor’s both seasoned and green and really feel like it is my job to make what is a somewhat daunting process for many Actors enjoyable and to share techniques for being photographed that are repeatable and across an Actors career where Headshots are continually being updated knowing how to be photographed is a really valuable asset.

My process for capturing Actor Headshots is pretty simple and is mainly centered on giving Actors the opportunity to be themselves in an environment that is relaxed and fun. It has always seemed obvious to me that Actors thrive on working with a good director and I have continually tried to develop this part of my process and therefore enable more efficient ways of communicating the needs of the shot and how the camera see’s what we are trying to achieve.

In terms of lighting style I shoot using studio setups and also outside using natural light and or a combination of both, really just whatever suits the needs of the shot.

I prefer to book shoots with makeup artist as part of the team and I work with a small crew of preferred makeup artist’s who are well suited to my style and feel it is a necessary addition to running a great shoot. 

In terms of how long the shoots will run for I try to keep them reasonably short ie 1 hour and or up to 2 hours to keep things fresh and not overly drawn out. I am happy to discuss prior to shooting what your aiming for and to recommend a length of shooting time that will get you a great result.

If you would like to have a chat/get a quote click HERE and we can go from there. Feel free to include a link to any existing shots and or a brief from your agent on what you are needing and we can go from there.

If you are just starting out and don’t have an agent let me know and I can work with you on a brief of shots that will be suitable for agency submissions