Author Portraits

Neil Gibb studio Author Portrait
Rob McDonald Author Portrait
Simon Meadows
Brenton Spiteri portrait
Nicole Car Artist headshot
Fiona Jopson
Anna O'Byrne
Mark Brandi
Solungga Liu
Alexandra Grace portrait
Rosalie Ham Author Portrait
Timmy Knowles musician headshot
Bertie Blackman
Brooke Tomlinson Headshot Photographer
Rick Prakhoff Headshot Photographer
Casting Director
Simon Meadows

I have a growing portfolio of Authors who I have photographed Portraits and Headshots for over the years and I enjoy the different challenges that these shoots tend to bring. The Author portrait ideally will exude some reflection and introspection much like the writing process and aesthetically can lean to the more moody portrait side of the street which is a great place to operate from.

Whether the need is for a book jacket shot or a few shots for speaking events and publicity of a new or upcoming book I’d love to hear from you and discuss what you might need done. Get in touch HERE and we can get the ball rolling on some shots.

In terms of lighting and how we might setup a shoot, I can shoot in studio using a controlled setup and to suit a particular look and also have several background options available to create a dynamic and professional image for an effective and powerful branding portrait.

If preferred (and weather permitting) shooting outside the studio can offer great creative options for a filmic look and or something more relaxed, I can also combine this with the studio option for a shoot which provides a broad range of options.