A bit about me

Over the past 15 years, I have become sought after as a photographer by actors, theatrical agents, authors and more broadly humans needing personal branding photography. My headshot and portrait work is natural in style and whether in the studio or on location I am pretty easygoing and aim to be a good director and make the process easy.

A bit more info...

Where and what do I photograph?

I run a studio in East Brunswick and as above headshots and portraits are how I generally pay the bills. My personal work is centred around travel and landscapes. 

What is my lighting brand?

Natural light for headshots and Profoto in studio.

What else do I shoot?

Apart from travel and landscape photography you see here on this site I am slowly working on a new book about Kelpies.

What do I shoot with?

Nikon DSLR for headshots, Fuji mirrorless for personal work and travels.

How can you book?

Get in touch via the email on this page, or by phone or via the Headshot Photographer website.


[email protected]

+61 409 541 899

Factory 4
215-219 Nicholson St
Brunswick East, VIC 3057


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