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Who is Julian Dolman?

Over the past 15 years, Julian Dolman has become one of Australia’s most sought-after photographers by actors, theatrical agents and for publicity photography. His headshot and portrait work is known for both his use of natural light and his ability to create a filmic look, which has become the benchmark for a new generation of headshot photographers.

Q&A with Julian

Who and what do I photograph? 
I work with a wide range of people. My main clients are actors, but I also photograph doctors, lawyers, musicians and farmers.

What lights and where?
Shooting outside with natural light is preferred, but I also run a little studio in Brunswick East, Melbourne, Australia.

What else?
Mainly just random stuff when I travel, e.g. strangers, old buildings and whatever else catches my eye. It's fun to just be somewhere new and poke around with a camera.

What do I shoot with?
Recently I moved to Medium Format and am finding my way with that. My Nikon D810 is good for shooting on the fly which I do lots, Contax G1 for travel.

How can you book?
I prefer to photograph people by referral, but feel free to email if you would like to book a session.

Inside the Studio


+61 409 541 899

Factory Five Studio 
5/215-219 Nicholson Street,
East Brunswick, VIC 3057


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